Spin-off Companies

WD Asia helps researchers and inventors from Canada to create start-up companies in Asia surrounding the identified prospect technologies. To provide resources for start-up companies, WD Asia is devoted to attracting potential private investors and applying government funding programs to fulfill financial needs, as well as providing assistance with legal matters, IP management, and governance to fulfill operational needs for the spin-off companies to achieve profitable stage as early as possible.

Technology Licensing

WD Asia helps researchers and inventors from Canada to commercialize their prospect technologies through licensing their work to Asian partners. WD Asia provides the business development, project management, and legal assistance throughout the licensing process and always seeks agreements that are beneficial to all parties.

Brokerage Service

WD Asia acts as an intermediary to connect technology seekers in the region with the researchers and inventors who have the desired technologies. WD Asia will provide additional services and functions upon request.

Consulting Services

WD Asia offers a variety of value-adding consulting services, which include:

  1. Assessment of intellectual properties (IPs) and technologies for Asian companies associated with North American researchers and inventors;
  3. Communication and negotiation assistance for Asian firms and their North American counterparts through its processes;
  5. IP management assistance for Asian firms;
  7. Facilitation of research and development collaborations between Asian firms and North American researchers and inventors;
  9. Assistance with grant application preparation for both Canadian and Asian funding programs;
  11. Arrangement of events and activities aiming to engage Asian firms with their North American counterparts with the purpose of identifying and pursuing  potential technology opportunities.