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The University of Western Ontario (UWO) Signed an Intellectual Property Agreement with Targetpharma Laboratories (Jiangsu)

2017-06-19 10:31:17


“the Opening Ceremony of China Technology Transfer Centre of The University of Western Ontario, Canada and Project Signing Ceremony”, was held on April 26th, Dr Janice Deakin (Vice President and Provost of UWO) signed an Intellectual Property Agreement which is “Small Cyclic Peptide Therapeutics with Anti-Microbial and Pro-healing Properties” with Prof. Hua Zichun (the director of The State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology).

 Prof. Hua has been engaging in the research of peptide drugs, such as protein engineering, gene engineering, protein structure and the integration of cell apoptosis signaling pathway. He has obtained ten Chinese invention patents and one patent license authorized by the United States. Among the obtained patents, five patents have got application and two patents have already been commercialized to enterprises to develop biological drugs. This Laboratory has formed a high-talented research group and committed to uncovering the pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases that severely threaten the health of human beings, including cardiovascular disorders, immunological as well as metabolic diseases. 

 “Small Cyclic Peptide Therapeutics with Anti-Microbial and Pro-healing Properties”, the technology transferred by UWO, is a new treatment to human pathogens. The small cyclic peptide bases upon naturally occurring human protein, so it’s almost non-toxic. It has been extensively optimized to enhance its ease of production, stability, potency, and retention of both healing and anti-microbial properties. In addition to its fast and potent broad spectrum anti-fungal/anti-bacterial properties, the compound demonstrates strong capacity to augment wound healing and promote skin maturation following topical injury suggesting a biphasic therapeutic activity.

  The cooperation between UWO and the lab will provide novel antifungals and antimicrobials that are non-toxic to humans but are highly potent against human pathogens.