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Non-Invasive & Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

2018-01-17 10:43:56

Non-Invasive & Continuous Hemodynamic Monitoring

Technology Summary

Mespere is devoted to developing non-invasive solutions to replace invasive clinical procedures. The company has successfully developed a number of breakthrough products in the field of hemodynamic monitoring such as, the world´s first non-invasive and continuous central venous pressure (VENUS 2000 CVP) and jugular venous oximetry (VO 100) monitoring systems. Currently, these measurements can only be obtained through highly invasive catheters. Other products that Mespere has developed include cardiac output, stroke volume, cerebral perfusion, muscle oxygenation, brain imaging etc.

Mespere prdoucts have significant advantages over the traditional invasive methods in that they are; non-invasive, infection free, easy to use, lower cost etc. Mespere LifeSciences products have a wide range of clinical applications in hospital and at-home settings. The products can be applied to patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure and early stage renal failure to help improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of medical care.

Mespere is ISO 13485 certified, with more than 20 US and international patents. The products have obtained FDA approval, CE mark, and Health Canada appoval. The company is at the early stage of market development and has established distribution and clinical partnerships in over 20 countries. Mespere´s key team consists of entrepreneurs with successful track records, world renowned doctors and research scientists.



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