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In response to the changing global economy and to build upon strong ties existing between Western University researchers and Asian institutions, WORLDiscoveries® Asia first office was founded in Hong Kong in 2011. WORLDiscoveries® Asia is a subsidiary of WORLDiscoveries® the business development office of Western University´s extensive research network and the bridge between Canadian invention and global industry. Western University, based in London, Canada, is a world class university and excels in moving research out of the labs and into the lives of people around the world through public - and private-sector partnerships.

In recent years, the Chinese government at all levels has invested capital to bring international advanced technology to enhance research and development and encourage innovation. In early 2012, WORLDiscoveries® Asia made the decision to open its office in Nanjing China. WD Asia´s Nanjing Office of the first Canadian university tech transfer institution in China. The establishment of the Nanjing office marks a new stage in research collaboration and technology commercialization between China and Ontario.

Our goal is to enhance Western´s profile and the level of engagement in the area research collaboration and technology commercialization in the region. To achieve this goal, the strategic focus under this mission with China has included:

forging stronger relationship and higher-quality research collaboration between Western and Chinese partners, including both leading academic institutions and industry players, through organizing mission trips and personnel exchange;

- establishing a long-term and systemic mechanism of promoting Western´s research excellence and technologies in China through partnering with government agencies at all levels as well as leading organizations in the field of technology transfer and exchange; and

- bringing in revenue and other value-add by selecting Western University owned intellectual property from the interest areas defined by local government and industry, and actively marketing them in the form of licensing deals and / or start-up formation.

We are the link between Canada and Asia for international science collaboration and technology commercialization. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how WORLDiscoveries Asia could be of service to you.


WORLDiscoveries Asia strives to unleash and maximize the value of top Canadian technological discoveries, helping to conquer human diseases, environmental pollution, energy shortages, and other challenges faced by Asian countries.


WORLDiscoveries Asia aspires to serve as an effective gateway and bridge between Canada and Asia for international science collaboration and technology industrialization. We seek to become a leading profitable international technology transfer enterprise while enhancing technology development and transfer to the benefit of the region.